Tracy and Madison Reynolds

MultiCultiGirl was founded by Tracy Reynolds. Tracy was a fashion and beauty guru, having worked at Saks Fifth Avenue, Stila, Estee Lauder, Victoria Secret and Mark by Avon. As she watched her multicultural daughter interact with her world, Tracy became painfully aware of the diversity issues that her multicultigirl faced in establishing and being proud of her identity. Tracy would ask: “What does ‘Other’ mean?” She decided to start a beauty brand for multicultural girls and MultiCultiGirl was born. Tracy recorded this video of her daughter Madison with her friend Maritess friend talking about makeup. The video became the foundation of our brand story:

Having been an early employee at Stila, Tracy asked her mentors Jeanine Lobell and Maren Jensen for advice on the brand and decided to focus on makeup and skincare, the fundamentals of the business. She wanted the products to be non-toxic and affordable. Tracy would say about ingredients: “You should be able to eat it!”

Tracy started blogging, and as an early adopter of Facebook, promoting her nascent brand. There was a lot of buzz and investor interest. Tragically, in the fall of 2009 Tracy was diagnosed with grade 4 glioblastoma. She battled bravely for exactly one year before we lost her on December 8th, 2010.
The brand was dormant until 2017, when we decided to make good on our promise to Tracy that one day, MultiCultiGirl would be a global brand, a place where women of all hues celebrate their unique and special beauty. Our goal is to infuse beauty and fashion marketing with diversity consciousness. MultiCultiGirl takes pride in diversity and encourages you to join our community and share your story. Interested in getting involved?  Send us a message: @multicultigirl on instagram or email us at