5 Easy Ways to Make Your Lips Look Fuller

There was a time when natural looking lips were a trend. But lately, that trend has changed a lot. Nowadays, it is so IN to have bigger and fuller lips. The good thing is that you don’t need expensive treatments, experiments or surgeries. We just happen to have some tricks and tips for you, and [...]

Tropic Blush MultiCultiGirl

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing travel, beauty, lifestyle expert and blogger Huong Lien, also known as @tropicblush. Huong was an early adopter of the MultiCultiGirl Matte Lip, and she recently tried out our new Shimmer Lips! Huong is one of our favorite MultiCultiGirls, and one of our all-time favorite lifestyle bloggers.   In [...]

Jackie Aina

As a young girl I had no idea how to apply makeup. I trusted makeup artists behind cosmetics counters to tell me exactly what products I needed and how to use them.  For years I walked through life wearing caked on foundation that was two shades darker than my skin tone, and heavy concealer that [...]

Adia Fenty Makeover

Since the release of FENTY Beauty in 2017, RiRi has been the talk of the makeup community. From the wide range of foundation shades, to the glamorous highlighters and blush compacts, Rihanna’s line is groundbreaking. Time Magazine labeled FENTY Beauty as one of the “Top 25 innovations of 2017.” The eyeshadow look above was created [...]


Whether you celebrate the 14th of February with friends, loved ones, or yourself, you deserve to look and feel your best from your head to toes! For some February might be the best time of year. Red hearts filled with chocolate cover shelves and pink bows on teddy bears sell out nationwide. The school-aged kids [...]

Why Diversity Is So Important

Allure Diversity in Beauty

//player-backend.cnevids.com/script/video/5a296271148bb06400000001.js?iu=/3379/allure.dart/share Allure’s Michelle Lee interviews Dasha Polanco, Zazie Beetz, Veronica Webb, Ebonee Davis and Khoudia Diop about why diversity in “beauty” is so important. As we’ve discussed in the past, Different is Beautiful, and these accomplished actors and models explain the challenges they’ve faced and overcome in their careers. Must watch! (if you only have [...]

Adia Wilson KKW Contour

Over the last 10 years the Kardashian empire has continuously grown worldwide. From the popular reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” to hundreds of public appearances the Kardashians managed to build a brand off of their name. Thus, it was no surprise when Kim Kardashian launched her own cosmetics company, called KKW Beauty. The [...]

Sunday Blues + To-Dos

Relaxing Sunday Bath

Think about what your Sunday looks like. Whether you’re a go-getter and on the move or laid-back and you go with the groove, Sunday may come with blues and an overwhelming amount of To-Dos. There’s a week ahead filled with inevitable responsibility – to school, careers, and relationships, to outfit choices based on weather, hairstyles [...]

Monica MultiCultiGirl Liquuid Matte Lips

From Cleopatra to Queen Elizabeth, women throughout history expressed themselves through daring and breathtaking lip colors. Lipstick started off as a magnificent tool that represented wealth and prestige. Despite this, the stigma behind the usage of lipstick began to shift. In the early 1900s, in the United States, lipstick was frowned upon for everyday wear [...]

Different Is Beautiful

Adia Wilson

What is it like to be different? What is it like to look in the mirror and see a person who does not look anything like those around you? I am African American and Hispanic, and proud of my dark skin and thick hair. But, for years I struggled to appreciate my identity. It felt [...]

Best Foundations for Oily Skin

Best Foundations

Our friends at Allure recently listed the 15 best foundations for oily skin and there are some great choices! We will be reviewing foundations soon, so check back with us here and on instagram, facebook and twitter.