We recently had the pleasure of interviewing travel, beauty, lifestyle expert and blogger Huong Lien, also known as @tropicblush. Huong was an early adopter of the MultiCultiGirl Matte Lip, and she recently tried out our new Shimmer Lips! Huong is one of our favorite MultiCultiGirls, and one of our all-time favorite lifestyle bloggers.  
In a few words, how would you describe your style?
I’d describe my style as a fusion between boho chic, refined, and minimal.
When did you first become interested in lifestyle/beauty blogging?
Exactly one year ago! During this time last year, I felt inspired to start a beauty/travel blog but felt so unprepared and intimidated. Eventually, I forced myself to just go with it – with the mentality that things can only get better from the beginning. One year later, I’m so grateful to have built a platform to share my journey with others in an aesthetic and hopefully engaging way! 🙂
What has been your favorite travel destination thus far?
Indonesia by far. The people are SO kind, the scenery is unbeatable, and nothing really beats eating with your hands like a local everywhere you go!
Do you have a travel bucket list? What destinations are on your list? 
Rather than a bucket list, I like to call it a to-do list! For 2018, I have Brussels, Paris, Spanish Islands, Vietnam, Thailand, and West Sumatra on my to-do list!
What is one product you absolutely can’t live without?
I’m all about dimension so probably my Kat von D Contour Kit. So versatile for all kinds of looks!
Would you ever move to another city? State? Country?
I’d actually love to move into a home that moves around the country for a year! Maybe a rustic Airstream and see all the beautiful scenes of the US and Canada!
Who inspires you?
The people I get to meet and speak with. I find so many extraordinary elements in everyday stories. All that inspiration transpires into the places that I go and the faces that I seek to meet!
Fill in the blank: 

Home is where the inspiration is.
The best advice I ever received was “Choose the people who choose you.”
My dream job is my current job: Social Media Management and Photography for Local Businesses
My friends would say I’m charismatic, creative, and curious
My favorite MultiCultiGirl lip product is Liquid Matte Lip in Seduction.

Be sure to follow Huong’s blog, and on Instagram @tropicblush. You’ll thank us later!