Monica MultiCultiGirl Liquuid Matte Lips

From Cleopatra to Queen Elizabeth, women throughout history expressed themselves through daring and breathtaking lip colors. Lipstick started off as a magnificent tool that represented wealth and prestige. Despite this, the stigma behind the usage of lipstick began to shift. In the early 1900s, in the United States, lipstick was frowned upon for everyday wear due to its theatrical nature. Only actresses and actors were able to use artificial pigments upon their lips. Surely, this is not the case in the modern era.

The cosmetics  industry has truly come a long way from solely making lip products for the rich and famous. Today lipsticks represent femininity and individuality. No longer are women been limited to blush pink and ruby red stick shades. The makeup industry has surely proven that there is no color that can not be worn on one’s lips. Companies such as MAC cosmetics, NYX and ColorPop have thrived on the diversity and wearability of their lip products. Colors like orange and black have been found on the lips of runway models and celebrities worldwide. Not only is the beauty industry breaking boundaries with the extensive array of pigments their lip products have been sold in, but the industry has gone the extra mile to produce various textures of lip products such the ultra matte and ultra satin liquid lipsticks.  

MultiCultiGirl has developed a daring line of liquid lipsticks that incorporates numerous bold and vibrant colors. Above, MultiCultiGirl Monica Belous is rocking MultiCultiGirl Liquid Matte Lips in the shade Black Cherry. According to Monica MultiCultiGirl lipsticks “have intense and well defined pigment. They apply super easy on the skin and are comfortable to wear all day. It is literally everything I look for in a lipstick.”
MultiCultiGirl just released Liquid Shimmer Lip Glosses. Like the Liquid Matte Lips collection, these lip glosses come in a variety of unique colors such as Strawberry Sorbet, Dusty Rose and Lilac (shown) that can transform any look, day or night!
MultiCultiGirl Liquid Shimmer Lip Gloss

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