Change is good, or so goes the saying. When it comes to those areas in our lives that don’t require mandatory change, we can find that we are really stuck in a rut. Besides the fact that there’s no real indicator for changing our hair, we have most time fallen into our current styles by [...]


Henson, Kimble’s created some of the most iconic hairstyles in Hollywood. Kimble’s sharing her excitement for the launch on HSN all over her Instagram account. “This is the first day that I am going to appear on HSN. Read more at people.com.


Managing transitioning hair is a lot like dating. We’ve read endless reviews of shampoos, deep conditioners, and leave-ins equipped with moisturizing and detangling qualities for ladies embarking on the journey from relaxed to natural hair. What’s often seen as dry hair is really just a coarse hair texture. Read more at popsugar.com.  


A flood of Photoshop-smooth, mostly brunette hair fill the screen (with a few well-behaved ringlets peppered in). There isn’t a kink or a curl in sight. In a new video from Dove, the self-love-loving beauty brand encourages women to embrace their hair, from natural curls to double processed blond. Read more at elle.com.  


‘All Hair Types’ isn’t a one-product-family-fits-all term. In fact, there is much more to that ‘All Hair Types’ phrase printed on your hair care products. To give you an in-depth understanding of this, Design Essentials sponsored this post to further expound on how their Natural Coconut and Monoi really does nourish every hair texture and [...]


One of the most complex relationships a woman has is with her hair. A girl’s first press is deemed a rite of passage and we all have horror stories of a relaxer gone wrong, being burned with a hot comb and getting in trouble for wetting our hair. What began as a simple idea born on [...]


Can somebody please tell us what the heck “good hair” is? Let us tell it, any hair that’s healthy and on our head is all good with us. That’s why we can’t stand to hear it when people describe a sistah as being someone who either has “good hair” or “bad hair”. Read more at [...]


In a perfect world, after we wash our hair, the wet strands would coil up and separate into a fluffy pile of corkscrew curls. The reality is that air-drying requires more expertise than it might seem. Here, we ask 10 women with naturally curly hair, from Jasmine Sanders to Jillian Hervey, for the secrets to [...]


For many black women the decision to wear their natural hair can be an emotional roller coaster. Speaking from personal experience, society can brainwash you into thinking straight hair is preferred, leaving you to question the value of your God-given curls on a regular basis. What if my employer doesn’t accept my new look? If you’re [...]


This heart-warming video series from P&G’s Pantene hair care brand captured the hearts of many Americans during the Superbowl 2016. This case study shows how the Dad-Do campaign got 7 million YouTube views to become one of the viral videos of the year. In this case, kids are the focus because “We know strength and [...]


We’ve decoded the most common black hair textures and how to care for each one. The hair typing system describes the most common black hair textures. Whether you think it’s important or not, this can be useful for ladies who are looking to develop and implement hair regimens that specifically work for their hair type, [...]