Spring is here. Dress, accordingly.
Do you still have the Winter Blues? Does your closet have it, too? If you’re trying to crawl out of Winter mode and Spring into dresses, then MultiCultiGirl is here to help. Like any transition from one season to another, you may be feeling unmotivated and wondering whether or not Winter may pop up again without warning. Is reinventing my closet even worth it right now? What if I need that heavy winter coat in a week?
These are all questions that might circle your creative mind, but they are also prolonging your inner MultiCultiGirl Fashionista from showing herself to the world. Your Spring cleaning can happen whenever your weather is ready for you! Worry no longer, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you spring into Spring.

Spring Cleaning: The MulticultiGirl Way

1. Bye Bye, Winter Coat!

Depending on where you live, the weather might still include a snowstorm or two here and there. If you’re still in eskimo mode, perhaps give your closet makeover a week or two. Warm MultiCultiGirls are happy girls! If you’re ready to leap into warmer days, the first step is packing up the chunky winter coat. If it has a fur-lined hoodie or has the nickname “Marshmallow” jacket, fold it up and put it aside and say bye bye. Spring can bring cool breezes or even rainy days, so be sure to keep your raincoat and lighter jackets or cardigans on call.

2. Hello, Floral and Fresh!

Springtime is famous for showcasing your personal fashion garden. While prepping your closet for Spring, bring out all your floral ensemble. Dresses, blazers, shorts, and shoes are all key pieces that are striking when decorated with flowers. If floral in full isn’t for you, here are a few touches that will add a fresh look to any outfit. Don’t worry, MultiCultiGirl has you covered with a full post all about florals coming your way soon.

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  3. Color Coordinate your Coordinates

Two-piece sets coordinate themselves and Spring is the time to bring them back. As for the rest of your closet, swap out your sweaters for spaghetti straps and organize your color families. The time for vibrant, warm, and playful colors is now and your wardrobe should reflect that. Do you prefer to style from white to black or red to purple? What color range makes you feel ready to take on the day? When styling your outfit for the day, your colors should be visible at one glance. Strikingly different from the layer-ready closet in Winter, your Spring closet should embrace one trend of many – Color!


4. Strappy Spring

I can only imagine that your spring pedicure is waiting for the spotlight, so give your toes the love they deserve! Spring is the time for strappy sandals and wedges to shine and furry boots to hibernate. Your spring cleaning will request storage space for your winter gear and shoe shelves for your Spring collection. Do you prefer flat sandals or something with a little height? Are you one to make your shoes your signature piece or do you prefer to keep it simple? Either way, put the socks in a drawer and bring out the spring nail colors. Strappy sandals are the perfect addition to any floral dress for a casual get together or can dress up your ladies’ night outfit.
The straps for Spring are not stopping at shoes. We’re going from head to toe! Straps are trending and this means workout ensembles, dresses, bathing suits, blouses, and bodysuits. Straps can accentuate and flatter parts of yourself you love most and add a touch of elegance to any solid piece. Need strapspiration?

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MultiCultiGirls, are you gearing up for your Spring Closet Cleaning?
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