Ok, so, here’s my problem. My hair is dyed and I can’t take it anymore when it comes to split ends and really dry hair! I have had enough of it! Seriously! I cannot even brush my hair without having hairs on the brush and the pain! That had to stop! So, one day, I was walking along the street and saw a cosmetic shop, and decided to come in and see what’s new. And, there it was, standing in all its glory on the shelf – John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Crème Serum! I looked at it, decided to try it and bought it. Here’s how this hair care creme serum worked for me.

How to Use Hair Care Creme Serum?

The first thing I did when I came back from shopping was to try this serum. It says on the package that it repairs dry, heat-damaged and frizzy hair. I washed my hair and read the directions on it. It’s so simple to use it. You can use it whether your hair is wet or dry. You just need one pump of it (or two, or tree, depending on the length of your hair). Pump it into your palm and rub hands together. Then, spread it through the hair, avoiding the roots.


The Result

The first time I applied it, it made my hair a bit softer and easier to style. After second, then the third time, my hair really looked better! It doesn’t look so lifeless and dry, it looks healthier. It’s even easier to brush it!


I’ve always tried to take a good care of my hair, and it was so annoying when the quality of my hair became so bad. I couldn’t even imagine how much this serum will help me! There’s no doubt that, if you decide to try it, you won’t regret it at all! You’ll probably love it as much as I do, or maybe even more! Try and share your experience.