So, dolls, you might remember, we recently talked about Back to School Makeup Essentials That Are Within Your Budget. This palette is perfect in many different ways, and you’ll see why! I decided to do a NYX Beauty School Dropout Palette Back to Basics review just because it is so good and it has most of the essentials you need, all in only ONE palette! Amazing, huh?! Here’s what you can expect if you decide to buy this makeup palette, and believe me, you won’t regret a dime!


What Does This Makeup Palette Contain?!

Read on and you’ll see how amazing this makeup palette actually is and what you can expect to see when you open it. It has everything you need daily for the perfect makeup look.

NYX Beauty School Dropout Palette Back to Basics Review

Eyeshadows Palette

Ok, so, don’t freak out (of joy), because this palette contains 35 different eyeshadows shades. They are all creamy and highly pigmented. Some are matte, some are shiny with glitter, and some are metallic, so you don’t have to worry about kinds of shades, cause they’re all there and you won’t have to use any other!


Blush Palette

Yes, the palette is that big that it also contains three different blush shades. They are meant for different skin tones but are all so perfect that you’ll just use them all. They are not so pigmented but don’t give up on only one layer.



Illuminating Palette

There are two different shades of the illuminator. Applying them will give you a gorgeous glow. If you are like me, and I don’t like my face to shine too much, these are just perfect.



Contour Palette

Last, but not the least important – contouring shades. These are perfect for light or medium skin tones. So, if your skin tone is light or medium, you will definitely find it pretty great.


To summarize all up – even if you use eyeshadows more than anything else that this palette contains, you won’t regret. The whole palette is absolutely perfect and covers the most shades that you might need on daily basis. Since I have it, I don’t think of buying new eyeshadow palettes. Oh, well, who am I kidding?! Of course I am! You, girls, know what I am talking about, right?!