Summer, the favorite season for most of us, is here! Summer clothes, warm nights and even warmer days, cocktails, hanging out with friends – these are the things that we relate to summer. But, is there something more than just usual things you do during summer? Of course there is! Here are different kinds of things you can do during summer to really enjoy it.

lattina reading her book

A Good Book

We all have the day that we want to spend at home, all alone, enjoying the silence. Well, a perfect non-talking companion could be a book, believe it or not! Summer’s a perfect  time just to relax while reading a good book. A book that can make you sneak out to another world. Something that will take you far away and will spice up your imagination. You’ll never get bored with a good book in your hands, wherever you are, trust me!

Perfect Summer Haircut/Hairstyle

Summer Haircut/Hairstyle

We’ve been reading a lot about summer trends lately. If you’ve thought about changing your haircut this summer, we encourage you to do it! Even if you just want to change the color of your hair, try something new and trendy, maybe even something crazy. Just go for it! Life’s too short not to try new things!

Summer Festivals

Something completely different form the thing above. Summer festival are events where you can spend amazing time with your friends, and meet new ones, too! Check out this summer festivals, stay up to date and don’t miss out! Music, amazing people, dancing through the night – sounds like a perfect summer event to me!

Summer Shopping

Girls love shopping; there’s no doubt about it. Somehow, summer shopping is more interesting and energetic, there’s always something more that we need, no matter if you’re going on a holiday or not. Have you found a perfect swimsuit for this summer? if the answer is NO, you have some serious shopping to do girl!


Summer is a part of the year when cocktails are kind of drinks that cannot be missed! Sweet, fruity tastes, with herbs, honey and ice are so refreshing on hot days! Learn how to make cocktails and enjoy them while sunbathing with your girls. There’s nothing more you need!

Night Swimming

Are you going on a holiday somewhere by the water (sea, lake, river, swimming pool)? If you are, you mustn’t skip night swimming with your friends! You cannot imagine how much fun it is!

There’s no magic formula for having a perfect summer. It all depends on you and the things you want to do. So, don’t wait a minute, check out the internet for some ideas, call your friends and spend the craziest summer ever!