Simple + Sleek = Street Style

What does your MultiCultiGirl street style look like? 

Street style across the globe holds a unique meaning for every MultiCultiGirl. For some, it encompasses effortless pieces paired with something that shines, while others use it as a representation of their most imaginative selves. For this girl, street style equals creativity, a dash of color, and a sprinkle of comfort. Creating the perfect outfit worthy of Insta, your latest social event, or even work or class doesn’t have to mean expensive threads or name brand shoes.
Your street style is special because it shows the world who you are. Your new booties are the perfect addition to any outfit, but your oldest jeans and your mom’s T-shirt are just as welcome. What comes to mind when you think of your personal style? Are you usually crunched for time and still hope to throw together a cute outfit? Or do you wake up really early to coordinate your colors and show your most authentic self? Whoever you are and however you take on the day, every MultiCultiGirl’s style makes the sidewalk their runway.
Need some help developing with your street style?

Tips & Tricks

1. Find your signature piece (or pieces). 

Every outfit has something about it that is meant to shine. It’s the piece you created your outfit around. When you’re picking out an outfit for your next girls’ dinner, date night, or your Monday at work, your outfit starts somewhere. Next time you’re in your closet stressing over what to wear, pick out something you love without thinking ahead to the matching details. Is there a jacket you’ve been waiting to wear? A chunky statement necklace from recent travels? A pair of embroidered booties? This piece will become eye-candy and the center of your outfit.

2. Add the simple touches. 

Remember, simple does not equal boring. Adding simple pieces to complement your signature piece will shed much-deserved light on the true star of your outfit (and bring you many compliments). If you’re pairing a statement necklace with a solid color top, your statement necklace will thank you. If you accent your new bright booties with a coat from its color family, they will feel even brighter. Here’s a trick – whatever your showstopper is, use the pieces of your outfit closest to it as the simple touches. If your stand-out piece is a new faux fur coat, pair it with a quieter top. If you want to show off your floor length skirt from a tropical paradise, make sure your top or shoes are understated and classic.

3. Sprinkle a dash of spicy or sweet. 

While your spicy and sweet can come from the newest eatery in town, here it means how you accessorize your ensemble. In my latest street style outfit, I paired velvet blush booties with a touch of blush in my coat. My spicy and sweet came from my perfectly pink choker and MultiCultiGirl’s Doll Face and Cabernet Liquid Matte Lips. If you want to dress up your look, throw in something spicy, like a signature red lip or a coordinated clutch. If you’re aiming for something softer and sweet, subtle jewelry adds a sophisticated touch of elegance. Check out MultiCultiGirl’s Makeup and Beauty tips for more helpful dashes of spicy and sweet.
Your jewelry box is most likely overflowing with earrings or necklaces that you neglected for months (or even years!). Put those to use and dress up any outfit. Try out layered necklaces, large and small faced watches, or different sizes of hoop earrings. Have you been eyeing a new lipstick or colored eyeliner every time you make a quick trip to the store for milk? Step out of your comfort zone and embrace blue eyeliner, a different shade of blush, or a unique shade of purple lipstick. Don’t forget – this is YOUR street style created by you. There are absolutely no restrictions or limits or guidelines to it.
Here’s a little global inspo for your next styling appointment with yourself:

Cape Town, South Africa

Moscow, Russia


Nairobi, Kenya

Is your MultiCultiGirl street style ready to rock the day?
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