The Story About My First Lipstick


As you can see from the title, this story is a bit different than all the stories that I’ve written so far but, somehow, I felt inspired to write it. I was going through some old photos and memories just kept coming. And, there it was, the memory about my first lipstick and how I got it. It’s funny how some things are hard to be forgotten… Today, I am a lipstick addict.

Mom, What Is That On Your Lips?!

You can probably remember your moms getting ready for work, putting on some makeup, perfumes, etc. I know I do, and I remember it so clearly. When I smell Kenzo L’Eau, perfume my mom loves (she does use it still, it is one of her favorite ones), I remember those mornings and moments when she was getting ready for work.

At the time I was just a little girl (around 4 or 5 years old). And it was the time when I first noticed lipstick on her lips. I didn’t know what is it and why is she wearing it. And I used to know everything, cause I was very curious kid. That particular scene was followed with the question: “Mom, what is that on your lips”?! The magic word came out of  her mouth – LIPSTICK. Shiny, little lipstick, in brown shade.

From that day, I couldn’t wait for my mom to get out of the house so I could “jump into” her makeup bag and put some lipstick.

First Lipstick

Two or three years later, I got my first makeup palette for girls. It was my birthday, and I got it from my cousin. You cannot imagine my happiness, you just can’t! There were 4 eyeshadows (pink, blue, green and violet), a blush, and, of course, a lipstick! It was pink (every girl’s dream) and I loved it! Even though I couldn’t wear it whenever I wanted (mom’s rules), I loved to carry it with me whenever I go somewhere.

The funniest thing about my first lipstick is that I looked so ridiculous wearing it! But it is still one of my favorite memories. What was your first memory that is related to makeup? What was the first makeup product you tried? Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments below!