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No need to pack up your summer pieces at the first sight of falling leaves! 

As Trevor Gutherie once sang… “Summertime, slowly slipping away. Held you in my arms, oh, you drifted away. Can I get you back in time? Can I get you back in fall? Can I get you back to mine? Can I get you back at all?”

Good news dude, I think I found a way for you to hang on to summertime a bit longer. Now quit your whining. Let’s talk about a few very simple ways to keep that summer wardrobe working for us this fall.

1. Get cha layers on

Layering is one of my favorite wardrobe transition tricks. A perfectly layered outfit will not only compliment your curves, but it’s also a great way to trick your summer pieces into sticking around for another season or two. Pair a cute summer tank with a pair of jeans and a sweater and you’re good to go. Still feeling chilly? Throw a vest on top of that sweater. Layering is everything.

Must-have layering pieces:


I’m talking about the rainbow. It’s time for neutral tones. Beige, mocha, caramel, pale pink, ya know… I’m all for self-expression, but do us all a favor and keep the hot pinks and electric purples to a minimum this fall. Some gals know how to work the rainbow, but if you’re trying to live by the rules and keep it simple, then stick to earthier tones. Summertime is a great opportunity to experiment with color, but a transition to earthier tones is a great way to enhance that fall-glam look.


3. Scarf up!

Grab a lighter scarf as fall creeps up, and a chunkier scarf as we approach the colder months. Scarves are great wardrobe accessories and they’ll keep you warm-ish depending on the fabric. Bigger scarves can also be used as body wraps (my fave).

A few of my fave summer to fall transition scarves:


4. Trial a trenchcoat!

Trenchcoat! Get yourself a stylish yet simple trenchcoat. A long wool sweater or jacket works too! Throw this bad boy on top of a relatively summery outfit and voila! A fall outfit is born! Hmmm, maybe throw on some tights while you’re at it. This is definitely a trickier tranisiton trick, proceed with caution.

Check these out:



(amazon links)

5. Comfy, cute, casual

Pair your denim mini skirt with a funky sweater/sweatshirt and a pair of combat boots. Voila! You have yourself an extremely stylish fall outfit. Wardrobe warrior~

Fine, funky, fresh, check out these awesome sweaters:





6. Go shopping.

Yes, GO! I’m giving you permission. It’s a new season, time for new things. I’m not telling you to go on a wild shopping spree, but go out and get yourself a few new things. You deserve it.  And when you get home, get rid of a few things. It’ll feel good.

7. Do it again, denim.

I personally wear my jeans in the summer. For those of you that haven’t put jeans on since March… pull ‘em out of your closet and start getting used to wearing them again. They’ll probably match with most of your summer tops and they’ll provide a little extra warmth.

8. Graphic tees!

The last few seasons have put a lot of trend emphasis on graphic tees. Well hey, if you’ve accumulated graphic tees this summer then I have good news for you… you can keep wearing those bad boys year round.

Love these:

9. Got a shift dress?

Throw a turtleneck under that little number. You might be surprised how terrible it looks… yes, I said terrible. So take it off if it looks horrifying, but there’s a 50/50 chance it’ll look AWESOME.

Can’t hurt to try:

10. Jean queen

Remember those adorable cropped jeans you bought this summer? Try pairing ‘em with taller boots for year round use. Try shorter boots too, depending on the length of your jeans, they might look super cute! Unless they’re white… in which case, labor day is your cut off. I’m serious.

11. Back to black (and white)

Black and white never goes out of style. Take a look at your black and white summer apparel. Think about different ways you can pair those items with your fall wardrobe. You might surprise yourself!

Give these tips a go, let us know what you think! Xoxo