Indian Woman in Traditional OutfitHave you ever thought about what your mom looked like when she was a teen? Was your grandma perhaps the most fashion forward lady in town? Did your favorite aunt pose for the camera with a perfect pout and red lipstick the way you do? 
Culture and fashion are soul sisters. The fabrics of your ancestors can breathe life into your style and inspire inner confidence. Instead of grabbing dad’s old sweatshirt or your aunt’s favorite checkered skirt for your next #OOTD, grab your grandma’s handmade earrings, your mom’s favorite saree top, your aunt’s dancing shoes from high school, or your dad’s traditional outfits he saves for family gatherings.
Step outside of the fashion bubble and into your own bubble – think about how you can merge your style with who you identify as. Fashion is constantly changing over time and best summarized by Heidi Klum, “One day you’re in, the next day you’re out!” Our culture, however, is forever.
Are you Hispanic, Indian, Korean, French, Caribbean, or Ugandan? Are you from South America, Europe, Asia, or Africa? Show the world who you are through fashion, express what it means to be who you are through the fabrics you wear.
Being a fashionista does not mean rocking the latest trends everyone has, buying the most expensive threads, or strutting fancy, designer brands. Being a fashionista can mean embracing where you come from and how that influences who you are. Being a fashionista can mean being thrifty in mom’s closet and grandma’s jewelry box. Take your culture and your fashion and become a MultiCultiFashionista!
Need some fashion inspo?
Check out Sruthi Jayadevan, Dylana Lim Suarez, Rachel & Nicole Effendy, and Rita Saraci just to name a few!
So tell me MultiCultiGirls, are you ready to WEAR your culture on your sleeve?

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