Kylie Jenner

The ultimate blonde joke: brassy hair

Let’s talk about my hair. Is that okay? I know it’s a little self-centered but after all, it’s the only hair I’ve ever known and I have a lot to say about it. The hope is that some of what I say will be helpful and interesting to you. My hair is naturally chestnut brown, but naturally I dye it an ashy, pearly, blonde color. Are you a blonde? Was that a yes? Great, keep reading…

When I first get my hair colored it initially looks a little grey, I do this on purpose.

  • Me to my colorist: Have you ever seen a storm cloud?
  • My colorist: Say no more…

I don’t necessarily want grey hair, but I like it done this way because I know within the first 2 or 3 washes the tone will change dramatically. I’ll begin to notice that my previously silvery hair is leaning towards brassier tones. If I wanted brass, I’d buy a trombone.

  • Those of you nodding your heads:
  • 1. Know the cure to this problem
  • 2. Are about to receive the answer to your hair prayers.

If you’re not nodding, you might not understand what I mean by brassy tones. Here’s what you need to know: It ain’t cute, keep reading…

After blonde hair is dyed it eventually becomes brassy if it isn’t addressed. It’ll begin to look dull, lackluster and dare I say, yellow. To reverse/prevent the dreaded brassy tones, I use purple shampoo.

brassy hair

What is purple shampoo?

A deep purple (or in some cases blue) shampoo formula that works to neutralize brassy tones. All purple shampoos are not made equal! The deeper the purple, the more effective the product. Consider color theory: On the color wheel, purple and violet are the exact opposite of yellow and orange. See how that neutralization process works? Purple shampoo will also extend the life of your hair color, so use it sooner rather than later!

How do you use it?

Rinse your hair completely. I like to use hotter water because it allows the hair to better absorb the purple pigment. Grab your purple shampoo and apply it liberally. Let the formula soak in for 2-4 minutes, more or less depending on your preference. Be careful! If you leave it in tooooo long your hair might turn a little purple, it’s happened to me… When you rinse the shampoo out use colder water, this will seal your hair up and protect it. Purple shampoo can be very drying so make sure to use a hydrating conditioner, or even mix a little of your regular shampoo into the purple formula to tone it down a bit. Use your purple shampoo every other wash, or as needed.

My #1 favorite purple shampoo:

Shimmer Lights by Clairol

This deep purple formula is guaranteed to tone down brassiness on blonde/grey hair. My hair looks instantly better after using this product. Not only will it tone down brassiness, but it also brightens faded and dull hair.

There are tons of purple shampoo products out there. I’m sure some of them are absolutely terrific, and I encourage you to try ‘em! I chose to recommend Shimmer Lights because I know it works, and it’s what I personally use on my blonde hair. If you know of other terrific purple shampoos, please let us know!

This shampoo, that shampoo… as long as you’re toning out that brassiness, life is good. Happy de-brassing!