Are the drugstore shampoo and conditioner brands doing the trick for your unique hair type? 

If you’re a MultiCultiGirl, you might find yourself wondering what shampoo and conditioner works best for you. Sometimes asking friends for recommendations or buying the set that smells the best does not answer the question. You are constantly searching for shampoo and conditioner that is made for your curly, straight, wavy, coarse, fine, oily, or frizzy locks. You spend each shopping trip wondering if there exists a hair care brand that recognizes everyone does not fall into their rigid categories. What if I told you there is a company that seeks to personalize and care for your unique hair while giving you colors that please the eye and scents that embrace you?
Function of Beauty, an NYC-based startup founded by Dr. Zahir Dossa, aims to customize your shampoo and conditioner to your unique hair goals, problems, and type. Instead of a one size fits all product, Function of Beauty personalizes the ingredients of every bottle to match your #hairgoals. The magic begins with a hair quiz and after a few short questions, your personalized (you can actually put your name on the bottles) hair products are ready for shipment to your shower. Wondering how it works? It all begins with a hair quiz to determine the perfect formula just for you and your locks.

Hair Profile Quiz

Step 1: Build your hair profile.
Function of Beauty’s Hair Quiz will take into consideration your specific hair type, structure, and moisture levels. Does your everyday hair care brand get you to you?
Step 2: Select your #hairgoals.
For myself, I chose goals that focused on nourishing and strengthening my hair. Function of Beauty prides themselves on creating unique formulas designed specifically for YOU. For split ends, Function of Beauty uses ingredients like black oat extract, sweet almond extract, and beet root extract. Does your drugstore shampoo and conditioner use natural ingredients like that?
Step 3: Make it YOURS!
Function of Beauty cares about how your hair feels but also how it smells! You can create your own formula and even choose what color you prefer your pair to be. For me, there’s nothing like a tropical scent embracing my hair. Function of Beauty lets me decide how my hair smells and even how strong the scent is. 
Step 4: Size and Subscribe.
Once you’ve completed the creation of a hair care duo made by you and for you, you can decide the size you’d like and how often you’d like it. Function of Beauty even recommends a perfect subscription for your specific hair length. 
Function of Beauty Shampoo
MultiCultiGirls, does your hair deserve a little personal pampering? Go ahead and show your locks some love!
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