Have you met our newest MultiCultiGirl Jasmine Mann?

In a few words, how would you describe your personality?

I’d say I’m an introverted extrovert.

How would you describe your style?

If it’s black, I wear it. I really love neutral tones like black, gray, and white but always like to add a few statement pieces like a leather jacket. While traveling though, I like to incorporate the local style of the destination.

Where were you born?

Detroit, Michigan

What do you want the world to know about your culture?

My culture is about humanity. It is about family, fun, and volunteering for your community.

What’s one of your favorite cultural traditions?

From childhood until the end of college, I was on a Bhangra dance team which is heavy on cardio and so much fun!

When did you first become interested in vlogging?

A few years after I moved to LA.

What’s your favorite thing about your town?

Detroit’s Coffee Shops

Would you ever move to another city? State? Country?

Yes! I moved to Los Angeles the last five years and absolutely love it!

What is the one thing you always have in your bag?


What is one product you absolutely can’t live without?


What does your everyday make-up routine consist of?

I always use a light moisturizer or BB cream, some Chapstick and lipstick, and a little blush to add some color.

Who inspires you?

My Mother

Fill in the blank: 
Home is where the coffee is.

The best advice I ever received was be present.

My dream job is managing a team for consumer goods brands in the supply chain or digital marketing field.

My friends would say I’m weird, goofy, and hyper.

My favorite MultiCultiGirl lip product is the Nude Beach matte lipstick.

Want to learn more about Jasmine? Check out her Instagram to see the world from her perspective at https://www.instagram.com/jasminekaurmann/!